Daihen Varstroj Takes Expansion to the "Next Level" with new Facilities

Lendava, March 14, 2023 -Daihen Varstroj d.d. company marked a special event today – the official opening of its new production and logistics facility, a 2.5-million investment that is part of Daihen Corporation’s expansion strategy for Europe. The project, fully financed from its own funds, offers additional production capacity for the manufacturing of large-scale robotic cells. With additional storage space for robot components to serve the regional market, it significantly improves internal logistics and ensures reliable supply to customers. The acquisition of an additional 2,000 square meters of space brings the total area of Daihen Varstroj to 11,000 square meters, providing ample opportunities for future growth. The factory is more modern and energy-efficient, with 70% of the electricity consumption derived from solar power plants.

Daihen Varstroj was established as Varstroj at the end of 1964, starting with modest foundations in welding. The first major expansion began in 1970 with development collaboration with foreign partners, followed by incorporation into the Gorenje conglomerate. In 1975, a business complex was established at the current location, initially covering an area of 5,500 square meters. Further expansions of production capacity took place in the mid-1980s when the company reached its peak volume, divided into multiple activities. Welding became an independent business in the late 1980s, and since then, Varstroj has been intensively involved in the development, production, and sale of welding and cutting solutions.

Next level

In 2000, the company encountered robotics, marking the beginning of its business and development collaboration with the Japanese corporation Daihen. The collaboration was successful, leading to strategic ownership entry in 2006. This step intensified the cooperation between the two companies, eventually culminating in full integration into the Daihen Corporation in early 2014, which included organizational and production transformations.

Today, Daihen Varstroj is a fully integrated member of the Daihen Corporation, entrusting the Slovenian subsidiary with crucial production and development tasks. As part of Daihen’s European companies, together with the sister companies OTC Daihen Europe, LasoTech, and Femitec, the employees of the company are responsible for the development, production, and sale of welding machines, as well as the development and production of robotic cell components. They act as solution providers for customers in the areas of manual welding, robotics, thermal metal cutting, and support the latest solutions in these fields.

“In recent times, Daihen Varstroj has specialized primarily as a provider of industrial solutions. However, due to the rapid expansion of robotics, we found ourselves in the unenviable situation of insufficient spatial capacity. With this new investment, the company has transitioned to the ‘NEXT LEVEL,’ enabling us to meet the demand for manufacturing large-scale robotic cells. The establishment of a new robot component warehouse will ensure a reliable supply to the regional market and improve internal logistics in the production process. These changes will contribute to increased efficiency and competitiveness of the company, as well as the improved quality of our products and services,” said Matjaž Vnuk, CEO of Daihen Varstroj.

He added, “Last year, we witnessed an energy crisis, coupled with pre-existing disruptions in supply from distant markets and a shortage of qualified and motivated workforce. These factors have a significant impact on businesses in the metal industry. At Daihen Varstroj, we have taken a proactive approach to these challenges, offering our customers automation and robotics solutions. This approach allows our customers to improve productivity while relieving people from heavy, dirty, and repetitive tasks. Although the trend of globalization is slowly shifting, supply chain management remains crucial to the success of a company. Instead of focusing solely on “Just-in-time” delivery, Daihen Varstroj has shifted its focus to supply chain management.”

“In the coming years, we anticipate similar trends in certain sectors of the industry. Therefore, we will direct our attention towards these segments and geographical areas where growth continues. Our strategy is based on innovation, quality, and adaptability, enabling us to promptly respond to changing market needs. The company’s goal is to accelerate the modernization and digitalization of all processes, leading to significantly more efficient technological processes, increased productivity and performance, the establishment of secure and digital workplaces, as well as reduced negative environmental impact and a greater contribution to circular economy and climate neutrality.”

As part of the investment, Daihen Varstroj plans for further growth, which will consequently increase the need for a higher level of employee qualifications. In the future, there will be a demand for engineers and technical experts in the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science.

With the opening of the new production and logistics capacity, the company, which currently employs 150 people, is prepared for future challenges. By offering the highest quality welding, robotics, and metal cutting solutions, Daihen Varstroj aims to remain a leading company in these fields.