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At DAIHEN VARSTROJ, we understand the importance of learning and skill development in the world of welding and cutting. Our training programs are conducted by highly qualified instructors who are not only experts in their field but also active service and application engineers. With their extensive knowledge of our
products and industry, they provide valuable insights and practical guidance to ensure that you get the most out of your training experience

Varjenje Varstroj

Training at Your Convenience:

Facility or Development Center

To accommodate different preferences and requirements, we provide flexible options for training locations. You can choose to receive training at our cutting-edge facility, where our Technology Center offers a representative environment for hands-on learning. Equipped with the latest welding equipment and advanced technological solutions, our facility provides an ideal setting to explore and master various welding techniques.

To take advantage of our training programs, whether at our Demo Center or at your company site, simply reach out to us at

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to enhance your welding capabilities – together; let’s ignite the sparks of success in the world of welding.



As part of our commitment to upgrading and modernizing our production processes, DAIHEN VARSTROJ has developed an advanced Technology Center.

Established during the initial phase of our company’s renovation in June 2014, this impressive facility spans an area of 450 m2. It serves as a representative hub, featuring advanced technological equipment and cutting-edge welding and thermal metal cutting devices.

Equipped with central supplies of technical gases, a modern ventilation system, extraction with recuperation, and a central heating system, our Technology Center provides an optimal environment for conducting comprehensive presentations and training on the latest equipment.
daihen varstroj training

At the DAIHEN VARSTROJ Technology Center, we offer practical demonstrations, product presentations, and comprehensive training sessions for our valued customers. Our facility serves as a development, presentation, and research center specializing in both robotic and classic welding techniques, including MIG/ MAG, TIG, and MMA (REO] welding.

In the presentation area of our Technology Center, we provide our buyers and distributors with an overview of our development and production programs.

Through a permanent exhibition, we showcase our typical welding and cutting products, highlighting their functionality and practical applications.

By utilizing our cutting-edge equipment, we demonstrate the practica use of our entire range of products for various welding and thermal metal cutting technologies. To ensure that we stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, we regularly update the equipment on display.

Training Daihen
Daihen Training
Our Development Center is dedicated to designing and testing various solutions and applications based on the specific needs and demands of potential buyers.

We conduct practical testing and prepare technological welding solutions for different metal samples. Our expertise covers a wide range of areas, including manual arc welding using MMA, MIG/ MAG, pulse MIG, TIG, and pulse TIG processes. We also specialize in robotic welding, automatic longitudinal welding of thin sheet metals, robotic resistance welding, robotic cutting trimming with thermal processes (flame/ plasma), and highly productive 2D/3D cutting/trimming of sheet metal with CNC-controlled cutters.

Additionally, we test and evaluate new generation welding machines, such as the Welbee series, which offer advanced welding technologies like MAG welding under pure CO2 gas protection and “Low spatter” technology. We also explore innovative options for controlling and saving welding parameters, such as “welding monitoring.”

In our Educational Center; we provide training programs for our customers and distributors, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of our products. These training sessions encompass both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Participants have the opportunity to observe equipment usage and learn about various welding and thermal metal cutting technologies. The practical training is conducted in regulated workplaces within our Technology Center.

At DAIHEN VARSTROJ, we are dedicated to enhancing knowledge ant skills in the field of welding and cutting. Our Technology Center serves as a hub for development, presentation, and education, empowering our customers and distributors with the expertise they need to succeed in their welding endeavors.


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